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How to find a suitable property for a New Laboratory in New Zealand, Denmark


How to find a suitable property for a New Laboratory in New Zealand, Denmark

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to find suitable laboratory space to rent or office space that can be converted into laboratories.

A specialized search and evaluation service might be a solution for you to consider if your company is expanding and needs new laboratory space. In this article, we’ll cover the service and the three main reasons why you should consider it for your next laboratory.

What is a search and evaluation service?

Many life-science, biotech and other types of research companies start their journey in incubator organizations or other short-term rental laboratories. When their companies grow, they need to expand their laboratory space and that’s where a search and evaluation service becomes relevant.

A search and evaluation service will help you find your next laboratory space from beginning to end. In some cases, it’s finding existing laboratories but more often the service includes finding  a property for rental or purchase that lives up to your criteria and can be repurposed into laboratories.

The alternative to a search and evaluation service might start with you contacting a real estate agent. They might tell you that they have no existing laboratories, and then what to do?

You could search for office spaces yourself and evaluate if they are fitted for being converted into laboratories. But first you need to get familiar with the requirements for a building with one or several laboratories.

And when and if you manage to find relevant space, you need to find someone who can help you design and build the laboratory.

This example goes to show how time consuming a process it can be finding new laboratory space. When using a search and evaluation service it’s taken care of for you, and you can spend your time on what is important: your company, your specialized research, and your area of expertise.

Below we have stated the three main reasons why you should consider a search and evaluation service

3 reasons why a search and evaluation service is a good choice when you need new laboratory space

1. In-depth and specialized market knowledge

With a search and evaluation service, you’ll get specialized help that knows the industry in depth. Here at Copenspace we already know of nearly all existing laboratories available for rental in Zealand, and we can evaluate if they are fitting to your needs and live up to your brand and company presentation.

We have contact with real estate agents and property owners throughout Zealand and most importantly we know which criteria a building and its spaces need to live up to to be converted into laboratories.

Following the property search and evaluation we at Copenspace can take care of the project from start to finish,  including the whole process of designing and building the new laboratories. This gives you the benefits of having only one point of contact and one design & build contractor from beginning to end.

2. Cheaper in the long run to build your own laboratory

There are several options for renting laboratories, which we have covered in our previous blog. Office communities such as Symbion or rental laboratories in DTU Science Park, while contracts are often more flexible, can be very expensive.

Repurposing office properties into laboratories is a big and upfront investment but will save you money in the long run. We at Copenspace work with several property owners that are specifically interested in repurposing the space into laboratories. Renting an office building and repurposing usually gives savings after periods of approx. three years since the rental is way cheaper compared to the office communities and science parks mentioned above.

3. The flexibility of having your own laboratory

Besides the price, it’s often both inflexible (often difficult to get more adjacent space) and time-limited renting in office communities or science parks. And that’s why we recommend growing companies consider building their own laboratories.

When investing in your own laboratory you can choose exactly what you need for your experiments, and you’ll be a close part of the design process of the laboratory meaning that it will be created according to your research & production processes.

Having your own laboratory also gives you the option to expand the laboratory space if your company continues to grow.

Companies offering property search and evaluation services can often help you get started with repurposing. Here at Copenspace we have the competencies to help you from the beginning finding a property to the end where we take care of the repurposing and building of your new laboratory.

How does it work?

If your company is growing and your current laboratory does not live up to your needs any longer, you should consider contacting a property search and evaluation service provider.

Here at Copenspace our process begins with a meeting or phone call with no obligation. We want to get familiar with your situation to tell you how we can help and that’s what we will cover in an initial meeting.

It’s difficult to say how much time we spend on the search process but most often it involves 10-30 working hours. This process includes several meetings to review findings and get client feedback. A complete search & evaluation report will be provided to complete the project.

If you want to know more about how we can help you with our property search and evaluation service we are happy to elaborate.