The Three Largest Manufacturers of Laboratory Furniture in Denmark

Looking to install a high-tech laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark? It can be difficult to know which manufacturer of laboratory furniture to choose. Especially when Denmark boasts some of the most innovative manufacturers of laboratory furniture in the world.





I hear you say ‘seriously, we have the best in the world?’ Maybe we should say it like Carlsberg – ‘Probably’.





Denmark’s three largest manufacturers of laboratory furniture have historically originated from the same roots. The three companies that are operating so successfully today began existence around 60 years ago. Over the years, the desire to create the most practical, flexible, and ergonomic laboratory furniture designs has resulted in something that is… well… world class.





And that is why Copenspace can only highly recommend the products from these three companies and is proud to supply their products in our turn-key installations. Here is an introduction to them:

Labflex A/S


The current Labflex company was established in 1992, but the roots of the company go back long before that, by the name of Byrum Labflex. Now, the company has undergone ownership changes, and continues its pathway of developing future-proof laboratory designs.

Labflex’s 15.000m2 production facilities are located in Skive, where state-of-the-art modern machinery with optimised work and material flow make production as efficient as possible. All of Labflex’s products are manufactured in high quality with an unwavering commitment to functionality, design, ergonomics, environment, and long service life.

The Labflex team includes architects, engineers, building designers and laboratory technicians, through which careful insight is achieved into norms, regulations, and trends.

Labflex supply a complete range of laboratory furniture products including:

  • Cabinets
  • Worktops
  • Installations (lighting, sockets & taps)
  • Weighing columns
  • Microscopic tables
  • Laboratory chairs

It also carries a wide range of ventilation equipment as follows:

  • Fume cupboards
  • Laf benches
  • Fume hoods
  • Point extraction arms
  • Suction box solutions
  • Ventilated equipment cabinets

The furniture itself is split into 4 systems:

  • System 10: Flexible design with base units constructed with a steel frame, allowing for movable underbench cabinets
  • System 14: This system has no legs, meaning improved cleanliness. Heigh-adjustable worktops ensure excellent ergonomics
  • System 16: A fixed laboratory solution featuring sold MFC base units. A great solution to achieve more storage space.
  • VisionLab: This flexible system boasts a unique, world-class design, and GMO-approved electric height-adjustable worktops.

We began with the longest-established company. Next up, a company from 2006:

Labmodul A/S


With production facilities in Christiansfeld, Labmodul is global market leader in the area of low energy laboratory products and energy-saving solutions for fume cupboards.

Labmodul’s concept from the beginning, has been focus entirely on design and ergonomic solutions. The designs consider the space in its entirety, taking into account legal requirements and safety aspects. The result is a laboratory which is both ergonomic and functions as an effective work environment.

Labmodul’s range includes a wide range of future-proof solutions, including both ordinary and high-performance solutions.

The furniture range goes beyond laboratories and includes products for hospitals and schools.

Furniture products for laboratories include:

  • Furniture systems
  • Storage cupboards
  • Weighing tables
  • Trolleys
  • Height-adjustable worktops
  • Chemical cupboards
  • Fume cupboards
  • Working enclosures
  • HPLC and equipment cupboard systems
  • Extraction arms
  • Chairs and stools
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Washing equipment

Labmodul also offers a complete range of energy-optimised fume cabinets, associated air control systems and LAF benches.

Now for the last company (but certainly not the least!)



Of the three companies, Zystm is the newest, having started in 2007, and it is also the largest.

With a modern and effective production facility located in Herning, Zystm produces both furniture and metal components in-house. The company is founded with a vision to make a difference in the healthcare, laboratory, and schooling sectors. Its focus areas are as follows: Delivery time/guarantee, quality, design, functionality and flexibility.

The company is founded by persons with a long experience in the industry, and the team comprises, as Zystm say themselves: the absolute elite.

Zystm’s wide product range spans 5 systems:

  • Zystm 1: A fixed-heigh system with leg-less design for cleanliness
  • Zystm 3: Individual table leg-frames suitable for heavy weigh load
  • Zystm 5: A high-cleanliness design featuring hidden channels for cables, water and other supplies
  • Zystm 9: A stationary furniture system with fixed base units for optimal storage space
  • Zystm Flex: A highly mobile laboratory bench and shelf system

So which laboratory furniture supplier should I choose?

If by now you are thinking ‘help, how can I ensure that I choose the correct furniture supplier’ we completely understand. The three laboratory furniture manfacturers mentioned above are all excellent in their own right, and make up a world-beating threesome.

The answer to this question lies in the specifics of your project. Through our experience working with these suppliers, we at Copenspace are able to choose the correct furniture to match your needs.

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