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Switch Media Conference Tables

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The SWITCH MEDIA conference tables are, like our other A/V tables, ideal for video conferencing meetings, lectures and presentations due to the wing-shaped table tops.

The wing-shaped table tops ensure that everybody can see the screen or the lecturer without anyone being a nuisance to the other meeting participants.

The characteristics of the SWITCH MEDIA tables are elegant, wing-shaped legs similar to our exclusive SWITCH desks and SWITCH conference tables.

The expression is clean and elegant.

You can buy height-adjustable frames (double- and triple-extension) that allow standing and effective meetings or just some quick ‘stretching legs’ moments.

The frame is also equipped with soft start/soft stop, anti squeeze and silent internal motors, making the meeting experience even more comfortable.

In this series, the max table length is 440 cm. If you need a longer A/V table, you should choose SWITCH MEDIA STRAIGHT conference tables with T-frame offered up to 625 cm in length. Read and see more here

Both series are designed by Busk + Hertzog.


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